Textile Digital Printer

Textile digital printer F418

1.Thanks to the steel structure of beam, magnetic suspension motor , and double linear guide rail, so as to get the high precision, and less the problem to minimum.
2.Various print head for choice such as Dimatix and Kyocera etc. Single or double color with one head are available.
3.It’s suitable for disperse, reactive and pigment ink. The latest high energy disperse ink  directly to fabric are avaliable.
4.It equipped with high precision conveyor belt drive system, and mature stretch, press unit, suitable for various  fabrics with high speed.
5.With double roller belt cleaning system and drying unit, suitable for the production of various  fabrics.
6.Preferably print software and ink. Max speed is up to 1.2 m/s (Kyocera head), with a daily output of 10000 m.
7.Various ways of unwinding and winding. Suitable for jumbo roll/small roll. Single/double station winding.
8.Compatible with paper and direct to fabric printing (custom or technical modification). Flexible to adapt to market and reduce investment risk.




Main Technical Parameter
Max Printing Width 1800mm or customized
Number of Color Bars 6 Color/8 Color/10 Color
Quantity of Print Heads Kyocera single color head:32 pcs Kyocera dual color head:16pcs
Printing Speed(According to different design and fabric) 1 PASS 950㎡/h  
2 PASS 500㎡/h 400㎡/h
3 PASS 350㎡/h 266㎡/h

Operating System
Windows 10,64 bit,CPU:intel Core i7 8200 processor,HDD:1T,2GB graphics,RAM:32GB
RIP Software Neo Stampa

Standard Configuration
Moveable press unit, Conveyor cleaning/Drying unit,Print head protection unit,Linear motor scanning system,Print head cleaning system

Optional Confihiration
Dryer(Electric/Steam),Auto constant tension unit,Unwinder(A frame),Winder(swing type)
Working Conditions Power:380V±10%,Air Pressure>0.5MPa,Temperature:20-30℃,Humidity:50-70%
Installed Power 30KW
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 5400x2200x1900mm
Weight 3860KG

Textile digital printer F418