Ceramic Digital Printer

King jet

King jet has a compact structure, fitted with the most advanced XAAR 2001 and SG600-SC print heads,

back-up by the continuous up-to-nozzle ink circulation technology and supported by powerful digital printing master board .

The inter-channel vacuum exhausting ducts enable the print heads work perfectly in a high temperature high humidity environment of a single firing production line.


①With constant temperature and continuous racycling ink supply without sediment, to avoid print heads blockage.
②Each print head group can be pulled out like a drawer, easy for maintenance. Equipped with return lock system, which can ensure the printing precision.
③There is an exhausting unit between each color channel, which can prevent ink dropping and reduce white line to minimum, extending the continuous production time.
④Choosing standardized industrial module, with reliable performance and good cost-effective, easy for maintenance.
⑤Chinese and English operation system, easy to use. There are normal, edit, random and interruption printing modes for choice.
⑥Automatic vacuum cleaning unit for cleaning the print heads is installed, saving labor and reducing the production line’s hold-up.
⑦Pull-out style ink tank trolley for easy maintenance.

Blank:Single Belt  S:Doubel Belt:

Old model(XAAR) K5-1120(1050) K8-700(700) K8-980(910) K10-1120(1120) K10-1540(1400)
Printable Width 1050(1024) 700(704) 910(896) 1120(1152) 1400(1408)
Number of Print Head XAAR:15 XAAR:10 XAAR:13 XAAR:16 XAAR:20
StarFire:16 StarFire:11 StarFire:14 StarFire:18 StarFire:22
Print Head XAAR GS6/GS12/GS40(2001/1003)  Usefull printing width 70mm
SG1024 SC/MC/LC SG600-SC Usefull printing width 64mm
Resolution XAAR1003:360dpi  XAAR2001:720dpi
StarFireSG1024:400dpi  StarFireSG600-SC:600dpi
Converying Speed XAAR:XAAR1003≤24m/min  XAAR2001≤48m/min
Print Mode XAAR:Binary/Grey scale(8Level)
StarFire:Binary/Grey scale(4Level)
Number of Colors 5/8/10/12/16
Maximum tile Thickness <30mm
Height of Converor 1150+/-50mm
(LXWXH)Oerall Dimension 3900x2100x2200 5040x1700x2200 5040x1980x2200 6020x1980x2200 6040x2550x2200
2850 2850 2850 2850 2850
Weight 2800KG 3000KG 3500KG 4300KG 5000KG
Power Supply 380V  50/60Hz
Installed Power 3 Colors 18KW 6 Colors 20KW 6 Colors 33KW 6 Colors  34KW 6 Colors  43KW
4 Colors 23KW 7 Colors 22KW 7 Colors 36KW 8 Colors  40KW 8 Colors  49KW
5 Colors 26KW 8 Colors 24KW 8 Colors 39KW 10 Colors  46KW 10 Colors  55KW