Textile Digital Printer

Textile digital printer FP219 (for paper)

Textile Digital Printer FP219 ( for paper )
 Epson S3200  1PASS 4heads 300m2/h  2PASS 4heads 150m2/h
 Epson S3200  1PASS 8heads 580m2/h  2PASS 8heads 290m2/h
 Kyocera KJ4B  1PASS 4heads 300m2/h  2PASS 4heads 150ms/h
 Kyocera KJ4B  2PASS 8heads 600m2/h  2PASS 8heads 300ms/h
The Max printing Width is 1900mm/2200mm or custom-made



Main Technical Parameter
Max Printing Width 1900mm
Number of Color Bars 4 Color/6 Color/8 Color
Quantity of Print Heads Kyocera KJ4B:2-8 pcs Epson S3200:2-8 pcs
Printing Speed(According to different design and fabric) 1 PASS 480㎡/h 500㎡/h
2 PASS 240㎡/h 250㎡/h
Operating System Windows 10,64 bit,CPU:intel Core i7 8200 processor,HDD:1T,2GB graphics,RAM:32GB
RIP Software Neo Stampa

Standard Configuration
Moveable press unit, Conveyor cleaning/Drying unit,Print head protection unit,Linear motor scanning system,Print head cleaning system
Working Conditions Power:380V±10%,Air Pressure>0.5MPa,Temperature:20-30℃,Humidity:50-70%
Installed Power 20KW
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 5200x1800x1600mm
Weight 1500KG

Textile digital printer FP219